Open related Action from record in new window or full screen


we are having a requirement to open related action from record and we have a issue that  the same headers for UI in Related Action and Record are the same so its confusing for enduser. Is there a way to open outside of Record view or in new window ?

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  • In 17.4 there is a new functionality start a flow using statProcessLink function with in the body of the record page. This may help you but you will have to wait till new version release.
  • You can have a flag variable to know whether action is executed from records or action tab. If it is executed from a record's related action then you can hide the labels that you are seeing duplicated. i hope, it makes sense. - Omkar
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    over 5 years ago

    Hi borisd788  as per my understanding, the design view which you have configured for this record, doesn't meet Appian best practices standard, where it says, we must avoid repeatitive label.

    So it's better to configure/hide the header of related action summary view.

    And I strongly believe, just because of this reason we don't want to go for customising the direct approach which appian provides OOTB.

    Hence I strongly suggest changing the UI label should be the best option either statically or dynamically.

    Hope this will help you.

  • Hi borisd788, as Omkar said you can try to hide that label using flag variable if it was configured in other areas otherwise pass a null string to the header of form.

    And if you want to open outside of record view and if the end user is okay to take the related action task from tasks tab, we can disable activity chaining to eliminate the same names. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks to All for responses, I know that the solution that we have implemented and the solution that i am searching for are just worki arounds of our bad design but we got this design as legacy "code" and our assignment is to migrate portal forms and functionalities to Sail and tempo . The solutions that Omkar and aloks are mentioning we knew about i was just checking if there is some other option to go with .