Get remote directory contents Over SFTP for multiple files

I am using "Get remote directory contents Over SFTP" service. and it it works good for one file.

But when there are multiple files in source folder, it doesn't work. It just shows the semicolon separated names of files in destination folder and thers no actual file.



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    were you able to get a solution for above issue

    AFAIK the original issue described here was a few different errors on the OP's end during development - at some point they transformed the array of remote filenames in the path into a single string, and then attempted to use that to receive the sFTP file (i assume).

    This should be very easy to sidestep as long as values are handled correctly.  i.e., the list of remote directory filenames should be treated as an array.  Anyone used to working with Appian variables should be able to do this fairly easily.  I implemented an sFTP transfer system using the plug-in just a few weeks ago and had no particular issues with any of this - if you're having some specific problem, you need to post your details (what you've tried, what happened different from what you were expecting, etc).

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