Date and time comparison

I am having date and time of submitted form in Date time format.
I want to compare the date and time if it exceeds 1 hr from submission I want to show a proceed button.

How I can give a condition where it is comparing submitted form have completed 1hr 

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  • Assume the variable "submissionDatTime". that holds the submitted date and time. then, after you want to show the proceed button, if more than 1 hour has passed since submission.
    Use this expression:

    currentDateTime() - submissionDateTime > 1 hour,


    current DateTime get your current date and time

    submissionDateTime shows your form's submitted date and time.

    currentDateTime() - submissionDateTime , calculate the difference between these times.

    1 hour is a threshold you want to check against. if your time difference is greater than 1 hour, the condition is true. then it will eveluate to true, and you can use this condition to visibility of proceed button.

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    Hi  ,

    Please use below code. Here local!proceedButton is a boolean which can be used for showWhen or disable parameter of buttonWidget.


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      /* Date from DB */
      local!dateTime: todatetime("20/11/2023 09:45"),
      /* Extract time */
      local!time: totime(local!dateTime),
      /* Get hour by having difference */
      local!differnce: tointeger(
          split(totime(now() - local!time), ":"),
      /* Get the required value based on calculation */
      if(local!differnce >= 1, true, false)

    Hi   , you can create a rule which calculates the difference and based on that you can either show or hide buttons.