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So I am working toward getting my Senior Developer Certification. One of the major components of the Exam seems to be Database Management. I am well versed with RDBMS but wanted to understand the scope as far as certification is concerned.

I see "Appian Advanced Data Design Training". However it is Instructor Led only. There is no self study option. Not only can't I find anything on schedule in the "Americas" for the Instructor led course, I would rather study on my own time.

I simply want to know what topics are covered in the Instructor Led course. Hopefully this is public information and can be shared?

Thanks in advance

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    Certified Associate Developer
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    Yes, I saw them and is why I asked the question Slight smile

    • Relational Databases
      • Implement complex data models and maintain supporting objects (i.e. views, triggers, stored procedures, etc.)
      • Design data models implementing business data requirements and correctly document them

    These look a bit vague as to the scope. input helps as it provides specific context. In the Associate Developer exam I had to answer questions on exact SQL, indexes, etc. Similarly wanted to understand what sort of questions one can expect on the Senior Developer exam.