Error: Neither variable(s) nor rule(s) found: id

I have created an interface, which works perfectly on the expression builder. When calling the same on a process module, the process module throws an error "There was an error in an expression in Create Logistics Group at null: Neither variable(s) nor rule(s) found: id"

Attaching the code for related interfaces.


Create Logistics

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    I also came across same problem for change in interface for existing process model. Your answer helped me to troubleshoot one by one all interface rules which was calling inside one main interface. Finally figured out there was two 'value:' text written inside of a!richTextDisplayField. (which was not caught in interface level) . Finally I understood if process model throws error in user input node with "Neither variable(s) nor rule(s) found: value" means problem with interface which was not caught in Appian Designer side.