Error: Neither variable(s) nor rule(s) found: id

I have created an interface, which works perfectly on the expression builder. When calling the same on a process module, the process module throws an error "There was an error in an expression in Create Logistics Group at null: Neither variable(s) nor rule(s) found: id"

Attaching the code for related interfaces.


Create Logistics

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    in reply to Sushma Rathnaiah

    Hello all,

    I too encountered same issue while tring to publish my PM but Appian did not allowed me to do so and keeping throwing below error :
    There was an error in an expression in null at : Neither variable(s) nor rule(s) found: required

    Your above answers helped me locating the error which was in the Interface called by this PM and this interface had two values for required parameter, this error was not caught in interface level.

    I also observed that for me PM did not throw error at the userinput node instead it was taking me to the process model's property-> General.