How to retrieve and update multiple rows of the database through an Appian RPA BOT


I have created a BOT (as suggested by the Appian RPA tutorial) to update a single DB row and it works just fine..Here are the steps in brief

My Appian DB:

BOT is

1. opening the browser:

2. updating value in search: pv!restaurant.restaurantName (comes from the process model which retrieves the data from the DB)

3. click on search button

4. Getting status (from UI - CSS selector) and updating restaurant.status

5. Getting date (from UI - CSS selector) and updating

This is my CDT

and the process model

My process variables:

Get Restaurants to Search Node:

Execute the RPA and saving the values in restaurant variables

Writing to the restaurant variables:


Updating DB

This works just fine. The status and date field on my DB gets updated with the value it extracts from the


Now I am trying to do this for multiple restaurants and update it's status and date for multiple DB rows (4 rows in this case) but this does not work

my DB is:

my RPA looks like:

The loop is "repeat" 4 times.. I am thinking it will execute each row of the DB for each loop.

rest everything is same

my CDT is also same

and my process model is all same except I have mentioned my process variables as multiple

When I execute the process model

1) I see the BOT opens the 4 chrome browsers (one after other) but all the 4 times it populates the name of the first restaurant only: True Food Kitchen

2) It errors out at


this is what I see in the process details

"Get Restaurant to Search" node works just fine and retrieves all the 4 rows.

not sure why botstatus and botvariables contain the data for only 1 restaurant.

Write to restaurant variables .. changes the value to null :-( doing something wrong here for multiple inputs ??

This is what I am doing at Write to restaurant variables

Any help will be appreciated..

let me know if you need any more information



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