Appian Task Recorder - Not able to see the dropdown SELECT APPLICATION on the pop up


I am using a windows machine and while trying to use the Task Recorder on Appian RPA I am not able to select the Application. There is too much white space in between. I can see that the SELECT APPLICATION dropdown is at the bottom if I forcibly move the popup window at the top. I cannot resize this window (pop-up) nor I can drag it enough at the top for me to select the application. I see the issue on both of these versions. 

Appian Version 22.3 Appian RPA 8.5.0
Appian Version 22.4 Appian RPA 8.7.0
I didn't face this issue earlier.. This may have happened in last 2-3 months with latest upgrade possibly. Is it just me or everyone is facing the same issue. I have already raised it with Appian

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      : I was not aware that you are using community. Also I am not able to attach the document I have created here/


    In case of community can you try below steps . Creating Robot and adding that robot to robot pool

    Goto Operation Console 

    Goto Robot section & click on Create

    In Robot Details

    Provide Name & Operating System

    In Robot Security Provide your Application Security

    Click Done

    Add Robot To your Robot pool

    Goto robot pool section and add your created robot

    Add Robot To your Robot pool

    Goto robot pool section and add your created robot

     After adding your robot to robot pool click save changes

     Click on Robot -> Manage Connection -> Download Installer

     install Robot and see if its working or not 

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