Connecting Appian to a Decision table rules engine

I need to connect an application in Appian to an existent decision table rules engine (third party). Is it possible to make that happen? I have a requirement to reuse an existent decision table rules without having to re-create manually those decision rules in Appian. Another alternative is to see if I can connect my application in Appian to an existent Core in order to read/retrieve those rules from it.

Any thoughts?

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  • Hi Juan - there isn't enough information provided to answer your question. There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration:

    • can Appian "see" the BRE (Business Rules Engine) from an infrastructure perspective?
    • does the BRE expose services to allow you to call it remotely?
    • if it can expose services what format is that in? SOAP? REST? other?
    • if not does it have an API you can program against to deliver the necessary services? Do you have the knowledge/skills to do this?
    • if you can invoke the BRE remotely does it perform adequately for your needs? Does it scale adequately?

    ...and I'm sure there are more I haven't thought of...


  • This is possible only when the third party system allows Appian to call the rule engine services remotely and should provide API for the same