Export Data Store Entity to Excel multiple times to a single file

Hi all,

I have a process model in which I use Export DSE to Excel smart shape 2 times in a row. In 1st shape I want to export a set of data to sheet 1, starting cell A4. In 2nd shape I want to export a set of data to sheet 1, starting cell AA4. After 1st shape, the exported file looks good. After 2nd shape all data exported by 1st are removed and only data from 2nd shape are present. 

Can you help me understand why is this so? Not sure if this is a problem with my solution, platform defect, or an intention to complete remove the rows before exporting to them. 

Thank you

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  • When I set the starting cell couple rows down for the 2nd smart shape, then it does not erase data inserted by 1st smart shape

    Honestly this indicates a bug to me.  Followup question - if you insert the 2nd set of data only a few columns to the right (so like, H4 instead of AY4), does it still destroy the first data inserted?  The reason I ask this is because I want to make sure it's just an issue with rows conflicting, versus the smart service potentially getting confused when the starting column begins with 2 letters instead of 1 letter.

    If it still behaves the same way when you try this, then I'd suggest just going ahead and opening a support case with Appian describing the results you're getting, as (one way or another) it appears to be a bug with the EDSEtE smart service.


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