403 Access Denied when editing AI Skill

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Hi all,

I've been attempting to create a simple AI skill for document extraction on 23.4. I created a new AI skill with basic security, hit "Create First Model" and started going through the steps. First, I uploaded 25 sample documents that fit the Appian requirements (must be .pdf, must be smaller than 7mb individually, must be unique). Once the upload was complete, I proceeded to the next step "Add Fields to Extract."

From there on out I will randomly get an Error 403 - Access Denied. It can happen while editing a new field name, sometimes it happens once I start labeling the documents (if I even get that far). I tried scanning the tomcat log file for info but couldn't find anything related to AI Skills in there.

Anyone know what's going on? As far as I know there shouldn't be a special privilege group for editing AI skills or I should have seen an Appian error before that, right?

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