How to create customizable Record List.

Hi Community,

I have a Grid style Record List as one of page on my site. As that grid have more than 20 columns.

I want to restrict it to 8-9 columns and give user power to customize or select any 8-9 columns out of 20 columns of their choice to view.

Is it possible in Appian to create some drag and drop column kind of thing from the list of columns ? I want this because showing 20 columns on a single page is not user friendly.

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  • I would work with paging grid or a!gridField() to display columns dynamically and use showWhen field property or IF conditions to manage column visibility based on selected values of filter.

    Also, consider checking visibility field options available on Grid Style record list and if you can use showOnlyWhen option to determine which columns would be visible based on an expression.
  • Hi paris,
    In the record view section while declaring the dashboard Layout, create a multiple dropdown down field with the column names and In gridField use the showWhen component when the value is checked in the dropdown.
    Hope this might help you.
  • Hi prais,
    As per my knowledge, you can not achieve this with records. As record have certain limitations.
    I will suggest a new approach to create a report same as your record and filter down what ever you like(report can be customized more).
    For the record link :
    Have your record as it is and have record link on the column of the paging grid that will refer the record for the record dashboard view.

    Hope this will help
  • Hi, in Records you can set up fields in grid view, but they are always visible.

    If you want to use record you should have main fields in the grid and the rest in summary view for a particular record.

    You can use a report and implement it as you proposed with kind of check-boxes that control column visibility.

    As a workaround (which I don't like) you can create a number of record types based on the same data but with different set of visible fields.
  • You can achieve this functionality in a report or action but per my understanding the default record grids don't have dynamic columns.