Appian Selenium API

The library contains methods which allow you to interact with Appian components in a browser. It can be used in a Java application or integrated directly into any Selenium or Java-based testing tool.

Appian Selenium API contains the methods that are at the core of both Cucumber for Appian and FitNesse for Appian. If you are familiar with either Appian’s FitNesse or Cucumber tools then you are already familiar with the methods provided by the Appian Selenium API. For example, the table below shows the corresponding FitNesse and Cucumber methods for the same underlying Appian Selenium API method.

Appian Selenium API

loginWithUsernameAndPassword(jString userName, String password)

FitNesse for Appian

| login with username | USERNAME | and password | PASSWORD |

Cucumber for Appian

Given I login with username "USERNAME" and password "PASSWORD"

The Appian Selenium API plug-in package includes:

  • The Appian Selenium API jar Javadocs
  • An example of how to use the API in a Java application
  • An example of how to use the API in a Cucumber test 

The Appian Selenium API plug-in supports both Chrome and Firefox browsers. See the Appian Playbook for more information: Automated Testing with Appian Selenium API

Note on Appian Versions:

A new version of this utility is released for each Appian release to maintain backwards compatibility and support new functionality.