Automation Anywhere Connected System


Manage an Automation Anywhere Control Room and deploy Bots directly from Appian! Users can connect to their AA Control Room and perform multiple operations against it. See which devices are connected and what tasks are available to run. The Automation Anywhere Connected System Plug-in uses the AA Control Room API for each operation listed below.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Run Bot
    • The Run Bot operation allows users to run a bot directly from Appian. The run bot operation requires the id of the task to be run and the id of the device to run it on.
  • Get Devices
    • The Get Devices Operation will return all devices associated with a Control Room. This is a useful operation to run if you want to know which devices are currently connected to the Control Room. Only connected devices can be used as a bot to run a task.
  • Get Tasks
    • The Get Task operation returns all available script tasks uploaded to the Control Room. Use the id of a script task in combination with a device id to run a bot.
  • Get Bot Activity
    • The Get Bot Activity operation returns the status of all deployed bots on the Control Room. The operation provides the ability to query bot activity by status, automationId, deviceId, etc.
  • Get Authentication Token
    • Use this operation to get an authentication token form Automation Anywhere. Useful if you want to store Auth Token in a local variable and reuse the same token for multiple operation calls. * Note if no Auth Token is provided the AA CSP will retrieve a new one for you each time an operation is executed. *If the token is expired, then the AA CSP will automatically renew the Auth Token for you.