Award Management


Award management is a challenging process to manage. When contract expiration is not planned for or option exercise dates lapse, the government risks interruptions in essential services and costly, hastily executed follow on contract actions. 

Known as Contract Management for State and Local Government.

Trusted by Leading Agencies

Key Features & Functionality

  • Award management site
  • Award record and actions
  • Checklist module
  • Guided Award Record Creation
  • Document management and review
  • Proactive award alerts
  • Vendor research RPA bots -
  • Associate multiple checklists
  • Bulk reassign award
  • Integration with Requirements Management -
  • Integration with
  • Associate multiple awards with a program -
  • Award dashboard
  • Full audit history
  • Automated contract filing

Benefits & Business Impact

Agencies can quickly configure AM to address their specific needs, rather than relying on inefficient systems, shared drives, and spreadsheets. The application helps federal agencies reduce costs and improve program performance by eliminating expensive bridge contracts and missed acquisition milestones.