ChatGPT Data Bot


Combine your data, process, and AI. This application uses a series of design tools and plugins to display:

  • Generated summaries/completions around your data (predetermined prompt)
  • Knowledge Assistant leveraging your data (conversational)
  • Action Bot to kick off functions, processes, and answer questions on your data (conversational)

Key Features & Functionality

Predetermined interface prompt: Using a custom interface object, invoke a predetermined prompt to a bot based on your own demo data. If a user has access to a chat bot to help them do their work, it is likely that they will be asking them the same questions frequently. Use this object to automatically display that response where it is needed and update automatically as data changes. Help your users make better decisions, faster.

Conversational Bot: Use a bot to talk to your data. Ask questions around the records you tell it to know. This can be a conversation back and forth while the bot has memory of what you asked it.

Action Bot: Perform functions such as record/related actions as well as ask questions around your data.