Filesystem Utilities


The Filesystem Utilities plugin allows the users to directly access and work with the local file system where the Appian is setup. This plugin allows the user to move files between Appian and the file system, rename a file in the file system and poll files and folder within the specified path in the file system.

Smart Services:

  1. MoveFileToAppian
  2. MoveToSystemFiles
  3. RenameFileInSystem
  4. PollFileSystemFolder

NOTE: This plug-in is not approved for Cloud deployment.

Key Features & Functionality


  1. Move file from file system to Appian.
  2. Move file from Appian to the file system.
  3. Rename file in the file system.
  4. Poll contents of a path in the file system.


  1. This smart service can be used only in on-premise Appian environments.
  2. The user needs to be a System Administrator to run the available smart services in this plugin.