Vuram’s AppEzy is a flexible backbone for the super-fast rollout of applications following a multi-step requester-approver workflow by business users with little to no help from IT teams. It provides a modular platform upon which multiple workflows can be constructed without the deployment of new code.

Enterprises managing hundreds of processes and functions find it challenging to digitize their operations due to the extent of time and resources required in developing custom apps. AppEzy has been designed to put power directly into the hands of business users who need functional applications in short time frames.

By allowing requester-approver workflows to be set up quickly, companies can take advantage of Appian platform features without spending time creating new Appian applications or waiting for internal change management windows for application deployment. Vuram’s AppEzy, can easily be applied to a myriad of business cases such as purchase requests, expense report approvals, and employee action requests. The ease of setup and configuration also makes it a great fast-response application for unplanned approval events.

Key Features

  • Configurable Forms
    • Effortlessly create custom forms with multi-field types & conditional branching logic across different fields and sections for faster app building A wide range of form field types including text box, radio button, multi-choice - checkbox, dropdown, email, date picker, paragraph, signature field, record picker, user picker, rating fields, Display image, Display videos & file upload fields, and enable additional properties on fields including - help tooltip, instructions, etc.
  • Dynamic Workflow
    • Easily build flexible flows with configurable business rules & permission preferences enabling form submissions into approval steps
  • Customizable Actions
    • Enhance security and performance by creating automated triggers on workflow tasks enabling user-defined activities
  • Seamless Collaboration
    • Enable seamless communication on the go among users by asking questions & tagging one another with Flexi-response options
  • Intuitive Dashboard
    • Easily keep a track of progress by quickly navigating statuses using key reports ensuring faster and better decision making
  • Activity Log
    • Quickly take control of user management and foster better compliance with audit history and activity summary
  • Compatibility & Scalability
    • Ensure completion of tasks on the fly with multiple-device compatibility, scalability, and fluid admin actions
  • Bulk Reassignment
    • Effortlessly reassign all open and in-queue tasks from one user to another user in bulk
  • Lookup Management
    • Hassle-free management of Lookup type and its choice values to populate values to multiple-choice field types through admin action
  • Extended Capabilities
    • App creation- Auto-generated app code, Duplicate fields, Clone apps, Custom validation for fields.
    • Configuration - App linking, Site branding, Email template management
    • App Approvals - Task delegation, Approval for new apps created


  • Faster App Building: Quickly build applications, using dynamic form building capabilities, ten times faster compared to the traditional approach.
  • Superior Task management: Get complete control over the creation and distribution of tasks with deadlines to approvers within the workflow.
  • Scalability: Seamlessly integrate with any third-party or existing systems in place and scaled up as required.
  • Flexibility: Easily adapt to your existing business processes to enhance and optimize workflows.
  • No Code: Empower business users with a cloud-based, user-friendly platform that requires no coding skills to automate workflows and processes.
  • Multi-functional: Create and manage pre-built applications for a variety of use cases, such as expense reimbursement, purchase requests, etc. 100% web-based & secure - The solution can securely be accessed by multiple users