Google Sheets Connected System


Integrate your Google Sheets Spreadsheets with Appian so you can work with your data anywhere!

With the Google Sheets Connected System, you can create a service-backed record based on any Google Spreadsheet - when your data is updated in the spreadsheet, it is automatically updated in your Appian record as part of your applications’ data fabric.

Embed your Google Sheet in Appian to open, view, and edit this information from within your application for a truly seamless experience.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Data Source Integration - Create a record based off of the sheet to connect Sheets to your organization’s data fabric
  • Sync Integration - After updates are captured in a webhook, use this integration to sync new changes made to your sheet to your Appian Record
  • Get Sheet Details - Get relevant metadata about the sheet
  • Add Rows - Add new rows to the sheet
  • Get Rows - List all rows in the sheet
  • Update Row - Update rows or individual cells
  • Clear Rows - Delete rows
  • Create Spreadsheet - Create a new spreadsheet