Home Site

Heard of Sites, but don’t know how to use them to their full advantage? Transform your Appian implementation into one cohesive and intuitive web page with the Home Site utility! The Home Site utility is a framework that allows designers to easily configure existing reports/actions into an intuitive hierarchical navigation structure for their end users.   

The Home Site is great for accounts that utilize Appian across departments, who have overlapping feature sets, and are hoping to scale their Appian solutions.  It provides the enterprise user of Appian, an easy way to navigate across applications and their reports, actions, or sites which span across departments or roles. 

Key Functionality and Features:
  • Every user can start on the same Site landing page for a consistent platform experience
  • Users are presented with the designer-configured* feature cards they have access to, and provided an intuitive navigational experience to dig further
  • Users immediately see what tasks are assigned to them right on the Home landing page
  • Mobile awareness and custom messaging can be broadcast to every user when they log into the main landing page
  • Designed/optimized for both desktop and mobile experiences
  • Admin view to look into a user’s access

For more details on using this utility and the functionality it provides see the “Home Site Design Document” provided with the download.