Microsoft PowerBI Component

Leverage PowerBI in Appian! Create and easily embed coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights and enterprise-grade, real-time analytics.  The two PowerBI plug-ins on the AppMarket deliver both a Connected System to easily access some of the most commonly used APIs, as well as Components to PowerBI’s embedded Dashboards, Tiles, Reports, Report Builder and QnA component.

Note: These plug-ins are deployed separately. If you want to use this Component Plug-in, the corresponding Authorization Code or Password Grant Version 1.1.2+ Connected System Plug-in must be deployed and configured.

Functionality provided:

  • reportField
    • An interactive PowerBI Report that optionally displays filters
  • createReportField
    • PowerBI’s report creation tool for a given dataset
  • dashboardField
    • A PowerBI dashboard. Clicks on tiles are accessible via a saveInto parameter
  • tileField
    • A single PowerBI Tile from a dashboard.
  • qnaField
    • A QnA component enabling the user to query and visualize different facets of a dataset


  • A Microsoft PowerBI subscription or trial
  • Must be used with Microsoft PowerBI Connected System Plug-in (Authorization Code or Password Grant) Version 1.1.2+