Rich Text Editor Component


Displays a field that allows for users to type text and format it with a variety of style options.
Output is saved as HTML. To get the raw character output, designers can use the Appian function fn!stripHtml() on the output.
HTML output can be passed into Send E-Mail node or document generation smart services. Note that not all formats supported by the Rich Text Editor component may be supported by e-mail or document generation.

Allows uploading of images which get stored in the specified Appian folder (requires separate install of the Rich Text Editor Connected System Plugin).

Visit End-User Rich Text Editor Component for more information.

If you have any problems installing or using the component, please see the Rich Text Editor Component Plug-in Troubleshooting Guide

Key Features & Functionality

  • Component: fn!richTextField()
  • Allows for size validation
  • Allows for adjustable height
  • Allows for read-only / editable view
  • Supported font formats: "header", "size", "bold", "italic", "underline", "strike", "color", "background", "link", "align", "indent", "list"
  • Designer control over the allowed formats

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
Supported on Mobile

  • Hello,

    We are facing strange behaviour in the plugin, where while typing random users across different environment having problem with cursor moving back to the beginning. You can see the behaviour in the attached video. Anybody facing this issue and could tell me more .

  • Thank you for your patience. This behavior should be fixed in v1.12.2 that was just released.

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