SAIL Dialogs

Dialogs allow a user to quickly view supplementary details as an overlay and then return to the primary UI. This is particularly useful if the user has made selections or entered data into the primary UI which they wish not to lose by navigating away.

SAIL Dialogs is part of the Appian App Accelerators (A3) suite.

The SAIL Dialogs application gives you the ability to drop links into your UIs which open a dialog. The SAIL interface rendered in the dialog is of your choosing. The link itself will be provide dynamic inputs to the dialog interface based on the context of the link.

Using the framework is 2 simple steps:

  1. Register the interface rule you want to show in the dialog. Do this in the A3_D_dialogRegistration rule (see screenshot).
  2. Use the A3_D_dialogLink rule to add dialog links in your UIs (see screenshot).