Zip File Utilities


Validate the file extensions in an uploaded zip file and unzip the contents into the target folder.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Unzip smart service will unzip the contents of a zip file into the selected destination folder
  • Zip File Detection smart service will check whether a zip package contains files with the provided extensions
  • Hi,

    The UnZip smart service has a problem when the ZIP file contains a folder structure with two (or more) identical folder names. It will then only create the first folder. The other folders with the same names are not created and the files of those folders are saved to some system folder.

    Example folder structure:



    Folders /Folder_A/ and /Folder_B/ are created and file1.txt is unzipped correctly. 

    Subfolder /Folder_A/ in /Folder_B/ is not created and file2.txt is not showing up in Appian.

    The problem is how the smart service caches already created folders. It only uses the baseName instead of the full path.



  • v 2.0.1 Release Notes
    • Security Updates

  • UNZIP smart service is not working if the ZIP file having file names with non English characters like below. Please confirm if it can be resolved 

    File Name: Nordea Livförsäkring Sverige AB (publ).xlsx

  • v2.0 Release Notes
    • Fixed the issue where the file extension was being added to the file name during unzip. Note that this is not backwards compatible due to this change in behavior.
  • The Unzip smart service is creating documents with with the extension still in the filename.  Due to this it duplicates the extension when referencing/downloading the unzip documents (i.e. document.txt.txt).