• Corousel Slider Field

    Carousel slider allows you to show a collection of images and contents in an interactive and visually engaging manner
    Cloud Approved,
  • Enhanced Document Viewer

    Component to display images and pdfs with enhanced functionalities to add more security to the document.
    Cloud Approved,
  • JSON Difference

    Get the difference between 2 JSON strings
    Cloud Approved,
  • Advanced Image Annotation

    Advanced Image Annotation is an extensive plugin for image annotation, which enables label and marker annotations
    Cloud Approved,
  • Template Editor Field

    The template editor field allows for editing an HTML template and exporting the same as docx
    Cloud Approved,
  • Image Upload Connected System

    It helps in uploading any image from a custom SAIL component to Appian as a document
    Cloud Approved,
  • Procurement 360

    Unified platform to manage Suppliers, PR, PO, RFP’s, Budget, Contracts, Invoice Processing, Delivery Checks & Payments
    Featured Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • ESG Carbon Footprint

    AI Enabled smart system to Report, Calculate, Analyze CO2 footprints for organizations to showcase their commitment
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • CDT to XLSM

    Export CDT to XLSM file without impacting the macros and functions used in XLSM Template
    Cloud Approved,
  • Timeline Chart Component

    An interactive chart to visualize data in time.
    Cloud Approved,
  • SQL to Excel

    Plug-in to export SQL data in the Excel template, Import Excel in CDT and other Excel Functionalities
    Cloud Approved,
  • Slider Field Component

    Slider component allows one to specify the range of values and filters in different styles on any Appian interface
    Cloud Approved,

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