Unable to Insert smileys in database using Write to multiple data store entities


I have a requirement to store smileys in Database(SQL server). A user enters a value in a paragraph field and insert some smileys along with text, It is a free text field.

When I tried to store the user entered value in Database using "Write to data store entity" smart service then it get stored successfully in DB but when I tried to store the same value into the same table using "Write to multiple Data Store entities" smart service then I am getting below error:

XML handling failure trying to convert value EntityData [entity=DataStoreEntityRef[id=02377f7c-84c4-4948-9170-470ec382075e@22976, uuid=null], data=[TypedValue[it=3921,v={7,via Multiple data store }]]] to Appian type EntityData (id=2134).

I can store values in DB using "Write to data store entity" Smart service but I want to know why the same case can't be handled with "Write to multiple Data Store entities".

Suggestion much appreciated!!

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