Get Last ID, Insert Into Other Table

I want to do this

get value from multiple select as newRefs;

insert into table1 ('name') values ('pete');


for each (currentRef in newRef) {

     insert into lookupTable1 (userId,ref) values (newUserId,currentRef);


Actually there is a quicker way to do this with MySQL/MariaDB as noted here

What do I need to do this?
Do I use Data Store Entities, Record Types, etc.?
I can't be the first one that want to do something like this.

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    I am not sure I understand what you try to do. Can you add a bit more details please. What did you try in Appian?

  • Sure.
    I have a multi select drop down, where the value of each drop down is the primary key of a table.

    As well, I have a 'New Item' form which contains various inputs/controls.

    I need to have Appian first create the new item, then get the primary key of the record that was just inserted and finally I need to add to a lookup table the primary key of the new record and the values from the multi-select dropdown.

    That is part 1 adding new items.

    Part 2 is similar, but it's for editing items with the possibility of the selected values in the multi-select changing when updates occur.

    I know how to do all of this in a tradition programming environment (C#, Java, etc.) which only takes me about 30 minutes to do.

    Maybe in Appian I need to setup a MySQL/MariaDB Function/Stored Procedure?

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    That would be a case for a simple Appian process model. Two consecutive write record nodes store the data. The first needs to be configured (outputs tab) to store the created ID into the field of your mapping.

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