Get Last ID, Insert Into Other Table

I want to do this

get value from multiple select as newRefs;

insert into table1 ('name') values ('pete');


for each (currentRef in newRef) {

     insert into lookupTable1 (userId,ref) values (newUserId,currentRef);


Actually there is a quicker way to do this with MySQL/MariaDB as noted here

What do I need to do this?
Do I use Data Store Entities, Record Types, etc.?
I can't be the first one that want to do something like this.

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    In your screenshot, you reference the value from the process variable and write it to itself. This is like =;

    This will also not change much.

    Remove that assignment from the inputs tab. Then go to the outputs and store that value from ac!storedValues to your process variable.

    Keep in mind that any "save into" assignment on both tabs will evaluate at the same time. You cannot rely on one assignment happening before the other.