Get Last ID, Insert Into Other Table

I want to do this

get value from multiple select as newRefs;

insert into table1 ('name') values ('pete');


for each (currentRef in newRef) {

     insert into lookupTable1 (userId,ref) values (newUserId,currentRef);


Actually there is a quicker way to do this with MySQL/MariaDB as noted here

What do I need to do this?
Do I use Data Store Entities, Record Types, etc.?
I can't be the first one that want to do something like this.

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    Appian Employee
    in reply to petel0001

    You should be able to use two separate Write Records nodes. You're correct that you cannot write too different record types within one Write Record node, but you can use two consecutive nodes to achieve what you're looking for! Like Stefan said though, just make sure you map the output from the first node so you can reference that foreign key in your second Write Records node.