Acme Exercise 5: Design Record Types - Error Evaluating UI Expression

I have an error in Image colums when enter the following expression according to instructions in the part5 Dsign Record Types:
Vehicle.fields.image]), a!EXAMPLE_DOCUMENT_IMAGE(),
fv!row[recordType!AX Vehicle.fields.image])

Error message:
Error Evaluating UI Expression
Expression evaluation error at function a!gridField_23r3 [line 51]: A grid component [label="null"] has an invalid value for "columns". A grid column [label="Image"] has encountered an error. Expression evaluation error at function a!imageField [line 55]: User Does Not Have Rights to Perform this Operation

I have completed the exercises in the security part 3 of the Acme Auto application correctly.

How can I fix this?
appreciate all the help I can get. Thank You!

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