Using Appian Collab / Filesystem Utilities, using the function Move to Collab th

Using Appian Collab / Filesystem Utilities, using the function Move to Collab there is an option to Copy Only if Updated. I have set this variable to False so that it will copy even if the file has not updated. The node does not show an error, it just doesn't copy the file and go past this node.

The other issue is with the Move To Filesystem function, the option to Remove After Copy was set to yes so that the file would delete after being moved to the file system, but the node would delete all file in the folder in the Collab area. I have changed the option to False to work around this issue, although not the ideal solution.

Any help with these issues would be appreciated.



  • Can you please provide the values of the node inputs for each the Move to Collab node and the Move to Filesystem node? Also, what version are you testing this plugin with?
  • We are on version 7.9, hotfix C.
    Move to Collab - Copy Only if Updated: False, Destination: "Temp", Path: "\\\\d-bpmeng01\          emp\\Leslie", Remove After Copy: True.
    Move To Filesystem - Destination:=cons!TO_TR_DESTINATION_FOLDER, Documents: pv!rejectionFile, Folder: "Temp", Remove After Copy: False
  • In regards to your first issue, is \\\\d-bpmeng01\          emp\\Leslie either a directory or a file without an extension? If so, then the plugin will be unable to upload the file. From my testing, this plugin only works when uploading a single file with an acceptable extension.

    In regards to your second issue, I was able to reproduce the behavior, but I noticed that the entire contents of that folder were removed. If you could, please do the following to work around the issue:

    1. Keep the Remove After Copy value set to False in the Move To Filesystem node.
    2. Create a new process variable for the document you are "deleting".
    3. Add a "Delete Document" node under Appian Smart Services > Document Management and pass in the process variable as the value. This node immediately follows the Move To Filesystem node.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  • For the first issue, \\\\d-bpmeng01\          emp\\Leslie is a folder to get the files from, the process will move any files from that folder. The problem seems to be when that it grabs the file but when it tries to write it to the Collab folder it fails and stops the process. It doesn't get an error, just stops.

    For the second issue, thanks for the work around.

    Using the work around fixes the first issue (although, not the best solution, it is a solution)

    Thanks for your help.
  • Nick, I seem to have found another issue with the plugin. For the Move to Filesystem portion, there is a Document parameter for the move, with this, I assumed, that the plugin would only move the document that was indicated in the node. But instead it moves everything that is in the Collab folder to the FileSystem folder. So, each time I call this node on the same folder it moves all of the files again. If I happen to call 2 of these nodes at the same time I get an error that one of the files couldn't be copied completely. I assume because the other node has the file locked. Any idea why there is a Document parameter that isn't used? Am I using it incorrectly? Can it be fixed or worked around?

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