Portals on Community Edition - Can't save form input from Portal to DSE

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Hi everyone,  

We're trying out Portals on a Community Edition. We've set up a test form on an interface, DSE, web-api, connected system, and integration. Portal publishes, works, looks good. 

But on a Community Edition environment, how do I get an import customization file that's needed for the Portal to save info from the test form? The usual ways https://docs.appian.com/suite/help/22.1/Managing_Import_Customization_Files.html#download-a-template-file aren't available in the Community Edition. As I understand, I can't save info from the Portal to my data store without it.

Many thanks,


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  • Sorry to hear that you're still experiencing issues. I just checked our registry, and your site does appear to have the integration fix.

    Existing portals will continue to experience the error until they are updated or republished. First, try deleting and republishing your portal from the publishing manager app to see if that fixes the error. If that doesn't work, the next thing I would suggest is to check the steps on this page to see if it helps you troubleshoot the issue: https://docs.appian.com/suite/help/22.2/portals-troubleshooting.html.

    Also, note that updates to a portal do not take effect immediately; it can take up to 5 minutes for a portal to reflect your changes after a successful update. If you continue to experience problems with updating your portals, I would recommend requesting a new site.

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