Cast error

Hi All -- I'm stuck trying to get a 3rd CDT to pull into my interface using a query rule that has an input from a local variable... here is the error: 

  local!ResolveIsssuesProcessId: rule!CTM_getAllResolveMonitoringFormIssuesProcessIdsByEventId(ri!monitoringEvent.eventID),
  local!formID: rule!CTM_getMonitoringFormByEventID(ri!monitoringEvent.eventID),
  local!formQuestions: rule!CTM_getFormQuestionDetailsByFormID(local!formID),

These are my local variables and here is the query rule that's throwing the error:

In the interface I am trying to save the local!formQuestions into a CDT as an array....why does it think I want to save it as an integer?? 

Instead of using a query rule to pass into the local!formQuestions I also tried an Expression rule that actually returns all the CTD's data but it is also an array of data which doesn't like being saved into the local, I get the same cast error. 


Thanks for any help!

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