Who is an Associate Developer?

At the start of their Appian journeys, certified associate developers have some software development and relational database experience. They’ve participated in two to three weeks of training with Appian, and have familiarity with each of Appian’s components and object types. They also grasp some best practices surrounding the use of each object.

Associate developers, at a high level, understand the connection between Appian applications and relational databases. They are able to execute simple SQL database queries such as creating, altering, inserting, or updating tables.

Associate developers have a general understanding of the software development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, so that they can effectively contribute to the project team.

Lastly, Appian Certified Associate Developers are part of the Appian Community and work closely with mentors to further develop their skills.

What Does the Certified Associate Developer Exam Cover?

The Associate Developer exam consists of 60 questions spanning a breadth of topics and skills determined by a global team of Appian practitioners. This is a list of key topics found on the exam to help you prepare. Note that this list is not exhaustive.

  • The Appian Platform
    • Describe the most common Appian use cases
    • Identify commonly-used Appian resources
    • The structure of Appian applications
    • Differentiate between the various Appian user experiences
    • Distinguish abilities between various security permissions within the platform

  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
    • Recognize the roles and responsibilities of development team members
    • Differentiate between the stages of the SDLC
    • Define the use of each Appian environment used within the SDLC
    • Describe the scrum lifecycle of a user story
    • Explain the various Agile scrum ceremonies

  • Data Manipulation
    • Demonstrate basic knowledge of managing data and relational databases
    • Explain how Appian’s objects interact with relational database management systems
    • Troubleshoot issues with database transactions

  • Appian Process Modeling
    • Identify common ways to start or trigger Appian processes
    • Configure process model properties in accordance with business requirements and proven practices
    • Implement tasks within Appian process models according to proven practices

  • Appian Interface Design
    • Construct each of the Appian interface components
    • Utilize Appian to construct interfaces according to user requirements
    • Configure common variable types within an interface
    • Recognize Appian user experience best practices

  • Appian Records
    • Configure an Appian Record Type object to support business requirements
    • Design record views and lists in accordance with business requirements
    • Identify use cases for each record type data source
    • Configure record actions and related actions

  • Appian Expression Rules
    • Recall expression rule use cases
    • Write comprehensible expression rules in accordance with business requirements
    • Implement basic testing practices during expression rule creation

Taking the Test

The Appian Certified Associate Developer exam is available through our proctored testing platform. You will have 60 minutes to complete 60 questions. The price for the exam session is $200, payable when you schedule your exam. The cost of the exam is for each attempt, and does not include any exam retakes.

You may cancel or reschedule your exam for a small fee. Failing to arrive for the scheduled time, a “no-show,” results in the full price of the exam being collected regardless of the attempt status.

Certification fees are non-refundable, the fee covers grading and materials. Paying the certification fee does not guarantee awarding of the certification.

Have additional questions about the exam process? Check the Appian Certification Frequently Asked Questions page.

Need to Prepare?

We encourage new developers to participate in Appian’s Developer training to learn the fundamentals of low-code Application development. This training is available for free though Academy Online.

We also suggest participating in Appian’s Applied Development course, where students get to experience a simulated project and gain even more hands-on practice with Appian’s development tools according to our proven methodology.

Once you are ready, test your knowledge with the Associate Developer Practice Test.

Have More Questions?

We’re here to help. If you have any questions about what to expect during the test, or Appian’s Certification Program in general, check our Frequently Asked Questions page! For a more detailed breakdown, you can also read our Policies and Procedures page.

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