Contacting Appian Solutions Support

Individuals from your organization that are designated as support contacts* can create, view and update technical support cases through Appian’s secure Case Management SiteThose who are designated support contacts can also reach our Solutions Support team by phone or email per below. Appian does not provide solution support directly to your end users.


United States: +1 703 420 1311

United Kingdom: +44 20 3929 3748

Australia: +61 285 034 152

E-mail -

Time - Refer to your agreement for subscribed support level and hours of availability

*Your organization’s Subscription Administrator (as defined in your purchase agreement) is able to register new users and update support contacts for your organization.  For information about how to modify your Administrator assignment, review this article.

Solutions Support Services

Our Solutions Support team provides a number of services to ensure the success of your Solution. In addition to responding to technical support requests raised through Appian’s Case Management site, our Support team works with your teams in the following areas:

Platform Setup & Configuration - Appian Support will configure your Appian Cloud Sites, deploy your Solution(s) and provide initial login information to your designated Subscription Administrator.  As needed, support will also assist you with loading your users, configuring your preferred authentication, and establishing any VPN connections required for integration with resources external to Appian Cloud  (LDAP servers, databases, etc).

Cloud Health Monitoring - Our Support team monitors the health of your sites 24x7x365. For any monitoring event that indicates a current or potential site impact, Appian Support will create a case to notify your designated support contacts and inform them of remediation steps that Appian is taking, or that are required of you.

Site Management - Our Support team is responsible for keeping your environments current (patching, software updates, etc).  Many maintenance activities happen silently in the background, but you will hear from our Support team whenever there is a maintenance activity that requires downtime for your Solution.  In such events, a maintenance window will be scheduled in coordination with your designated support contacts.

Quarterly Platform Upgrades - Appian releases updates to the platform that powers your Solution(s) on a quarterly basis.  Our Support is responsible for performing these upgrades, but works with your support contacts to notify them of the proposed schedule and expected downtime.  Information about adjusting the schedule for these platform upgrades can be found here.  

Solution Upgrades - For Configured** Solution customers, our Support team will perform upgrades as a managed service when new versions of Solutions are released. These Solution upgrades will be coordinated directly with your designated support contacts.  For Customized** Solution customers, our support team will notify your support contacts when new versions are released and will provide you with access to the new release. Given that a Customized Solution no longer has direct compatibility with Appian’s new versions, Support does not provide upgrade services.  Assistance can be provided, as required, through Appian’s Customer Success or your chosen System Integrator.

Solution Hotfixes - On occasion, we may release hotfixes that address issues in your installed version of the Solution.  We will communicate any high severity hotfixes that we suggest applying to your sites. For Configured Solutions customers, our Support team will coordinate with your designated support contacts to apply the fix via support case.  For Customized Solutions customers, Appian’s Customer Success or your chosen System Integrator will provide assistance.  Other lower severity hotfixes will be communicated on an as needed basis.  If you are impacted, you can decide if you would like them applied to your solution.

** A Configured Solution customer is using Appian’s out of the box Solution.  A Customized Solutions customer has made customizations (surpassing configuration) to Appian’s out of the box Solution.

Important Note on Version Support

Appian provides 12 months of product support for all Solutions releases (for Workforce Safety, this policy only applies to version 12 and onward). Product support for each solution starts from the version's general availability (GA) release date. For support expiration dates, see the latest Release Notes for your Solution.  Our Solutions Support team will be available for assistance regardless of the version you are running, but if a code fix is required to the out-of-the-box solution, those will be made available only for supported versions. As such, we recommend regularly upgrading your Solution when new versions are made available.