Appian Usage Insights

Gain insights into your Appian usage with an application suite specifically designed to cater for complex environment topologies and heterogenous license contracts.

With ‘Appian Usage Insights’:

  • Model your license contracts in the application through configuration only - no additional development required!
  • Cater for Cloud, On-Premise or a mix of installation topologies.
  • Designed with the enterprise in mind, support large numbers of Appian environments, user accounts and keep track of license consumption over time.
  • Model your internal license usage using license pools mapped to user-definable business entities.
  • Visualize usage the way you want to:
    • Usage by business entity.
    • Usage by license type.
    • License pool membership.
    • License pool logins.
    • License pool membership (which user is in which license pool and, ultimately, which one consumes an actual license).
    • Logins by user (over time).
    • Capacity planning (allocated license count over time).

Usage of this application does not permit your organization to exceed its licensed usage requirements. Your organization is required to maintain compliance with your licensing terms, and report any non-compliance to Appian per the terms of your organization’s contract with Appian.