Contract Management System

The Vuram Contract Management System is for companies that frequently manage contracts with suppliers and customers, and seek to establish best practice process and performance metrics.  The straightforward interface and intuitive design features of the Vuram Contract Management system provide a useful control environment to review and finalize contracts with suppliers and customers. It provides a single view of all contracts and contract metadata within an organization, including dependent relationships between master and sub-master contract types. This establishes a common repository of contract data to serve as the system of record for in-process and executed contracts.

Key Features:

  • Configurable Workflow: Built-in and configurable workflows for contract creation, approval, execution, and termination. Ability to customize approval sequences and approval groups in a consolidated Manual of Approval, precisely ensuring the right combination of teams and sequences for each contract type to ensure efficient workflow management.
  • Document management: At the contract or subcontract level to allow supporting documents to be uploaded at any stage of the contract execution process.
  • Contract Template Management: Enables users to create and maintain reusable contract templates. These templates can be used to automatically generate the contract document during initiation.
  • Docusign Integration: Ability of the application to enable the signatories to add digital signatures on the contract document. And these digital signatures are generated and added via Docusign integrated system.
  • Configure Notification/Reminders: Application enables the user to customize the reminders and notifications with the list of users to be notified for the contract at any required time in advance before the end of the contract period. This way any amendments, renewals or review of the contracts can be done on time and without any delay.
  • Contract Amendments: Both Master and Subcontracts for an external party can get into amendments or updates any number of times and the application lets you manage the versions of amendments and helps the user to track the version.
  • Reports: Contract summary report based on status and department with detailed statistical information on the total count of contracts managed in the system and its details on the different status of approval flow along with the department level insights on contracts.
  • Mobile-enabled application to facilitate approvals to be captured anywhere and anytime.Available in both English & Dutch languages.