TrustHall - Contract Management System


TrustHall by WNS-Vuram is a fully configurable, user-centric solution for agile enterprises. You can generate, organize, collaborate, review, store, and track contracts effortlessly across the organization in a single application. With built-in configurable workflows, clause bank, reusable templates, centralized storage, AI/ML-based actionable intelligence, version comparison capabilities, flexibility to adapt to business models, and multi-language support, WNS-Vuram's TrustHall can be seamlessly extended to manage the entire contract life cycle for enterprises.

Challenges/Problems Solved: TrustHall solves the following challenges/problems:

  • Contracting Risks: Reduces contract risk with Doc AI capabilities that help organizations understand the clause differences and improve negotiations.
  • Inefficient Negotiation Process: Extract key attributes, categorize and classify contract clauses to automatically generate context-based clause comparison match scores for collaborative and efficient negotiations.
  • Complex Contract Flows: Simplifies complex approval flows, hierarchy, department & organization structure with business-process-specific configuration options for business users that require minimal efforts for additional changes to fit the application to the industry layer.
  • Large Volume of Contract Data: Establishes CLM best practices and performance metrics even if your enterprise frequently manages a large volume of complex contracts with suppliers and customers.
  • Lack of Visibility: Provides better visibility over contract process, data, obligations, and renewal, as well as performance tracking with a single view of all contracts and contract metadata in a unified interface.
  • Delays and Errors: Overcomes the delay in the contract life cycle, errors caused by manual handling of contract data, risk of regulatory compliance, and fragmented manual process.

Key Features & Functionality

  • DOC AI: Improves visibility and reduces risks with AI-enabled contract classification, data digitization & extraction.
  • Efficient Workflow Management: Effortlessly creates multiple approval groups for any contract type with configurable workflows & handles end-to-end contract life cycle.
  • Speedy Contract Creation: Easily creates contracts single/bulk, chooses any available template, fills variables, and generates contract documents in no time.
  • Clause and Template Management: Adds terms and clauses to the templates and handles different versions, auto-updates terms and clauses. Adds parameters to clauses, sections, and templates and generates values dynamically during contract creation.
  • Centralized Document Storage: Creates multiple contracts and stores versions in dedicated folders. The system comes with the inbuilt capability to integrate with Sharepoint, Google Drive.
  • Configurable Notifications: Gets notified of any change made to the clauses and templates. Configures contract-specific notifications and milestone reminders to avoid undesired expiry or late contract renewals.
  • Prebuilt Reports: Gets detailed reports on contract status, different contract types, date of expiry, contract cycle time, etc.
  • Multilingual Support: The application supports Spanish, Dutch, and English, and it is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Hassle-free Approvals: Edits, comments, or red-lines in the contract document during approvals and negotiation. Easily tracks obligations and approvals. Signatories can e-sign the contract documents.
  • Contract Search: Secured, searchable repository. Locates contracts better and faster with metadata, text search.
  • Smart Admin Configurations: Configurable signatories, Email Template configuration, Site Branding configuration, Parallel workflow, etc.
  • AI-powered Clause Creation: Gets AI suggestions to create and phrase clauses with proper context.

Benefits & Business Impact

Business Impacts:

  • Reduced audit, admin & unplanned costs
  • Improved revenue management
  • Increased governance and compliance
  • The accelerated pace of business
  • Reduced financial and legal risks
  • Strengthened business relations & reputation


  • 100% web-based & secure - The solution can securely be accessed by multiple users
  • Easy to adapt with agility - Easily integrates with existing systems to manage data and adapts quickly to diverse business needs
  • Plug-N-Play solution - Gives a jump-start advantage to any enterprise by quickly adapting and customizing
  • Highly extensible & Reusable - The solution can be extended to other functional areas with minimal effort due to its low-code capability
  • Scalable & Integratable - Scale-up, Customize and add as needed by integrating with third-party systems
  • Mobile-enabled & Globalized - The solution is mobile-enabled out of the box and comes with multi-language support.


 2021 Solution Success Award Winner
The Solution Success Awards recognize the best of the best partner solutions on the Appian AppMarket
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