Task Management Smart Services


This Plug-in contains Smart Services for manipulating tasks in-process and Custom Functions for getting task metadata.

Smart Services included:

  • Reassign
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Accept (on behalf of a user)
  • Cancel
  • Set Deadline
  • Set Priority.

Key Features & Functionality

Custom Functions included:

  • Get Accepted Time (getTaskAcceptedTimestamp)
  • Get Assigned Time (getTaskAssignedTimestamp)
  • Get Active Task IDs (getActiveTaskIDsForProcess)
  • Get Active Task IDs in Status (getActiveTaskIDsForProcessInStatus)

Example use cases:

  • Pause a task (mark as “on hold”) to resume at a specific time
  • Reassign tasks for a user who is going on vacation
  • Bulk reassign tasks for a user who is leaving the company or switching departments
  • Allow a manager to bulk reassign tasks, and update their priorities and deadline

Note: Runs under its process context, so make sure your process has the appropriate privileges to pause/resume/cancel/etc the particular task.