Task Management Smart Services

This Plug-in contains Smart Services for manipulating tasks in-process and Custom Functions for getting task metadata.

Smart Services included:

  • Reassign
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Accept (on behalf of a user)
  • Cancel
  • Set Deadline
  • Set Priority.

Custom Functions included:

  • Get Accepted Time (getTaskAcceptedTimestamp)
  • Get Assigned Time (getTaskAssignedTimestamp)
  • Get Active Task IDs (getActiveTaskIDsForProcess)
  • Get Active Task IDs in Status (getActiveTaskIDsForProcessInStatus)

Example use cases:

  • Pause a task (mark as “on hold”) to resume at a specific time
  • Reassign tasks for a user who is going on vacation
  • Bulk reassign tasks for a user who is leaving the company or switching departments
  • Allow a manager to bulk reassign tasks, and update their priorities and deadline

Note: Runs under its process context, so make sure your process has the appropriate privileges to pause/resume/cancel/etc the particular task.



  • Updated the Reassign Task smart service to allow configuration of the reassignment privileges
  • Thanks Mike - that would explain it. I'll keep an eye out on the Admin Console for when the latest version of the Plug In is available for Cloud customers :-)

  • The direct Cloud deployment sources the file from a different place. The updated jar is not deployed there yet.

  • Interestingly, I've just installed this to oue Dev Cloud instance and the logs are showing the version number as 1.0.0

    INFO  com.appiancorp.plugins.osgi.AppianOsgiPlugin - Successfully installed Plug-in 'Task Smart Services' (TaskServicesPlugin) version 1.0.0.

    The admin console is also not displaying the function getActiveTaskIDsForProcessInStatus - nor is the function available in Dev. Makes me wonder if the Admin Console is picking up an "old" version ?

  •   - Yes there was an update to add a new custom function - gettaskidforprocessinstatus().  

    Please try to download the plug-in again.  The JAR version should be 1.1.0 now.  

  • Hi - I've just received a notification from the Shared Components page that this plug in has been updated (Contributor : mike.cichy, Last Updated : 06 Dec 2018) but the version number has not changed compared to what we already have installed (in fact the version in the XML doesn't agree with the JAR version number) so am wondering has anything changed ? Thanks Paul