• Process History

    Provides a function which retrieves process history information for a given process id
    Cloud Approved,
  • XML Validation Functions

    Provides functions to validate XML (a snippet or file) against an XSD file
    Cloud Approved,
  • Process Model Utilities

    Provides multiple utilities to manage and analyze process model settings
    Cloud Approved,
  • Personalization Utilities

    Retrieve and act on Appian Groups and Users with a set of Smart Services and Custom Functions
    Cloud Approved,
  • Microsoft PowerBI Component

    Leverage PowerBI in Appian with this component plug-in and the corresponding connected system plug-in
    Cloud Approved,
  • Regular Expression Functions

    Use regular expression syntax in Appian rules
    Cloud Approved,
  • Date and Time Utilities

    Contains many functions for common date and time manipulation, with an emphasis on the Appian Date and Time data type
    Cloud Approved,
  • Image Utilities

    Resize, trim and convert images within an Appian process
    Cloud Approved,
  • Batch SQL Import

    Import a SQL file or zip of SQL from Appian content management into the connected database
    Cloud Approved,
  • Advanced Unzip

    Unzips the given zip document into the Appian destination folder
    Cloud Approved,
  • Cron Utilities

    Includes multiple cron functions to facilitate scheduling using cron strings.
    Cloud Approved,
  • Record Field Picker

    A picker allowing a user to select a record field

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