• Image Tuner Field

    It is useful to configure parameters such as Gamma, Brightness, Contrast to enhance the quality of images
    Cloud Approved,
  • Advanced Rich Text Editor (Vuram)

    Can be used on Appian interfaces where you need to show rich text data in readable format
    Cloud Approved,
  • AI Knowledge Assistant

    The Appian AI Chatbot is an innovative UI component tailored to revolutionize user interactions within Appian platform
    Cloud Approved,
  • Rich Text Editor Component

    Displays a field that allows user entry of formatted ("rich") text
    Featured Cloud Approved,
  • Location Display Field

    The Location Display Field component plugin enables the Appian users to get the current location of the client
    Cloud Approved,
  • SmartCOMM Draft Editor

    The component enables users to effortlessly add and edit text and pre-approved content from existing templates
    Cloud Approved,
  • BPOINT Field

    Integrate a BPOINT payment field on the Appian UI
    Cloud Approved,
  • Box File Upload Component

    Enables applications to upload files directly to Box, enhancing application performance in high volume use cases
    Cloud Approved,
  • ganttChart

    Component plugin to display Gantt chart for array of tasks
    Cloud Approved,
  • Apryse WebViewer Component Plug-in

    View, annotate, search and redact PDFs, and images securely within the Appian platform without any third-party servers
    Cloud Approved,
  • Calendar Display Component

    Calendar display component allowing easy viewing of your scheduled events
    Cloud Approved,
  • Selectable Fields

    Provides a text field whereby the content becomes highlightable to enable comments to be provided against the content
    Cloud Approved,

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