• Auto Hide Text

    Plugin to display the banner based on the user’s input for the specified duration
    Cloud Approved,
  • AI Knowledge Assistant

    The Appian AI Chatbot is an innovative UI component tailored to revolutionize user interactions within Appian platform
    Cloud Approved,
  • Full Calendar with Event Scheduling

    The Full Calendar editor component can be used for applications where end user can edit, schedule in a calendar
    Cloud Approved,
  • Interactive SVG Map Component

    Component that allows interacting with an SVG in SAIL to highlight specific areas and return the one clicked by user
    Cloud Approved,
  • Capture Image

    The Capture Image component can be used on the Appian Applications as a Web Camera
    Cloud Approved,
  • Calendar Display Component

    Calendar display component allowing easy viewing of your scheduled events
    Cloud Approved,
  • Corousel Slider Field

    Carousel slider allows you to show a collection of images and contents in an interactive and visually engaging manner
    Cloud Approved,
  • Appian S3 UI File Upload Component

    File Upload field that allows users to upload a document directly to S3, bypassing Appian's 1 GB file size limit
    Cloud Approved,
  • PDF Document Viewer

    Provides custom component plugin to display a PDF document coming from a web API requiring extra HTTP method & headers
    Cloud Approved,
  • Apryse WebViewer - View, Annotate and Edit PDF, DOCX, Image

    View, annotate, search and redact PDFs, and images securely within the Appian platform without any third-party servers
    Cloud Approved,
  • Rich Text Editor Component

    Displays a field that allows user entry of formatted ("rich") text
    Featured Cloud Approved,
  • Timer Component

    Provides stopwatch-like functionality on an Appian screen
    Cloud Approved,

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