Bulk User Import

Import users and assign them to groups en masse.

Supports updating existing users, appending group membership and replacing group membership. Suppresses user creation notification email. Supports adding users to a SAML group when required.


Deployment Instructions

  • Deploy database artifacts (~/sql/BUI Schema.sql)
  • Import app (~/application/Bulk User Import (BUI).zip)
  • If your business data source is not jdbc/Appian:
    • Open the "BUI Data Store" object, choose the relevant data source and publish the data store.
    • Update the "BUI_DATA_SOURCE_NAME" constant with the relevant data source name.
    • Open the "BUI Import Users" process model, reconfigure the "Truncate userRequest table" node to point to the relevant data source and publish the process model.
  • v1.0.5 Release Notes
    • App now ships with data source "jdbc/Appian" so most clients will not need to reconfigure the app.
    • Updated deployment instructions.
    • Updated process models to display labels regardless of end user's configured language (to avoid model deployment issues if reconfiguring data source).
  • Please note that after importing the application the constant BUI_DATA_SOURCE_NAME should be updated to match your Appian data source name and when publishing the Data Store you will need to select your data source from the data source dropdown.