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  • Appian Ethereum Functions

    Allows you to build applications that can interact with the Ethereum blockchain smart contracts
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  • FitNesse for Appian

    A tool that makes it easy to setup automated testing on the Appian platform
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  • Mail Poller

    Consumes all unread email from a mailbox and adds entries to a database table for use by Appian processes
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  • Document Indexing Services

    Smart service that enables searching of document contents
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  • People Functions - Plug-in

    A collection of user and group related Functions and Smart Services
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  • CMIS Explorer

    Allows an Appian user to connect/interact to an external CMIS compatible repository
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  • Property Insurance Claim Management

    Process property insurance claims from the first claimant contact, through the final claim disposition and settlement
  • Home Health Manager

    Provides health care networks with the ability to facilitate and manage services during home health visits for patients
  • Survey

    Create and manage surveys within Appian using varied question formats including multiple choice and open-ended
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  • Validate Encrypted Text

    Matches the decrypted text against a regular expression
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  • User Analytics, Compliance and Governance

    Provides visibility of user activity with controls to report and prevent suspicious activity
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  • Download Document from URL

    Download a document from a given URL
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