Featured AI Plugins
  • GenAI Tool - Data Generator

    The Plugin allows developers to generate sample data of an inputted Record Type with generative AI
    Cloud Approved,
  • Document Vector Database

    It enables Large Language Models (LLMs) to answer user submitted questions based on Appian Knowledge Center Documents
    Cloud Approved,
  • GenAI Tool - Data Formatter

    The plugin allows developers to manipulate input data to fit a format specified by the user in simple, natural language
    Cloud Approved,
  • GenAI Tool - Entity Extractor

    It allows developers to extract specific entities with the help of OpenAI services
    Cloud Approved,
  • Textract

    A connected system plugin to integrate with AWS Textract for document extraction
    Cloud Approved,
  • ChatGPT Data Bot

    Using a custom interface object, invoke a ChatGPT bot to gain insights into your own data
    Cloud Approved,
2023 Award Winners
  • Aviation Ground Handling

    Optimize Ground Handling Operations leveraging Appian's case management capabilities
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • Government Grants Management

    Improve efficiency, coordination, and transparency for Grantors and Recipients across the grants management lifecycle
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • Procurement 360

    Unified platform to manage Suppliers, PR, PO, RFP’s, Budget, Contracts, Invoice Processing, Delivery Checks & Payments
    Featured Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • Know Your Business Partner (KYBP) Platform

    Allows clients to manage the risk and compliance of their business relationships effectively
    Featured Cloud Approved,
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Featured Listings
  • Apryse WebViewer Component Plug-in

    View, annotate, search and redact PDFs, and images securely within the Appian platform without any third-party servers
    Cloud Approved,
  • Figma Appian Library

    Use Figma to design beautiful SAIL interfaces
  • EXL Smart Data Signals

    AI-powered solution for enhanced customer experience, reduced claim leakage and improved compliance
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
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Latest Listings
  • Insider Trading Copilot

    Recommends whether a company employee should be allowed to trade stock based on their insider knowledge
  • Calendar Display Component

    Calendar display component allowing easy viewing of your scheduled events
    Cloud Approved,
  • Selectable Fields

    Provides a text field whereby the content becomes highlightable to enable comments to be provided against the content
    Cloud Approved,
  • MS Graph Utilities

    Provides features to integrate with the Microsoft Graph API that cannot be achieved using an Appian Integration Object
    Cloud Approved,
  • Rich Text Editor Image Upload Connected System

    Companion connected system plug-in which enables image uploads within the Rich Text Editor component plug-in
    Cloud Approved,
  • PDF Tools

    Create, update, convert, and extract data from PDFs automatically within an Appian application
    Cloud Approved,
  • PDF Utilities

    The Plugin helps you with various use cases like (Merge, spilt, Add Image, Rotate and watermark Text. etc)
    Cloud Approved,
  • Microsoft Teams

    This plugin creates a bilateral connection between Appian and Microsoft Teams.
    Cloud Approved,
  • Box

    Provides Smart Services and custom functions to integrate Appian with Box document management
    Cloud Approved,
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