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  • iSCAQ

    Accredit, Manage, Track and Measure the quality of your workforce and suppliers in real-time
  • SAIL Dialogs

    A framework for easily displaying dialog UIs in SAIL.
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  • Relationship Chart

    Displays a graphical representation of the relationships a customer has.
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  • MSGraph Email Poller

    Smart Service to poll emails from an Exchange server using MSGraph API. Authentication is via oAuth 2.0.
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  • Personalization Utilities

    Retrieve and act on Appian Groups and Users with a set of Smart Services and Custom Functions
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  • Network Functions

    Plug-in for network related functions
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  • Render Avatars for Presentation

    A utility to facilitate putting images of people in presentation slides. Uses Appian user names, photos, and titles.
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  • Business Value Framework (BVF)

    Helps customers track the value that Appian provides their business via metrics, milestones, and objectives
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  • Poll Email from Microsoft Exchange EWS API

    This plug-in consumes emails from a Microsoft Exchange server using the EWS web service API provided by Microsoft
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  • Transaction Manager

    An application for handling queue and throughput management
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • ZipCodeAPI Connected System

    Free access to worldwide postal code data.
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  • Execute Stored Procedure

    Allows a stored procedure to be executed and result sets are returned as CDTs
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