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  • PDF Utilities

    Contains 3 smart services: Header and Footer, Add Image, and Watermark Text
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  • World Map Component

    Users can now have a complete view of the geographical map pinned with locations of interest.
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  • VATT - Vuram Automation Testing Tool

    VATT is developed using an intelligent hybrid framework to achieve automation for the Appian applications.
  • Rich Text Editor Component

    Displays a field that allows user entry of formatted ("rich") text
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  • Import SQL File

    Imports SQL scripts into the target environment database.
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  • Read QR from PDF

    This smart service can be used to read QR code(s) present in a PDF document.
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  • Temasys Skylink Real-Time Communications Component

    Temasys Skylink real-time communication solutions bring industry-leading ease-of-use and unrivaled implementation speed
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  • HubSpot Connected System

    Exposes HubSpot APIs for use in integrations
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  • Project Toolkit

    A toolkit of useful rules and constants that are frequent project requirements and can be used to accelerate development
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  • Dynamic Site Management

    Turbocharge your Appian Sites by adding another level of navigation/content and create a Sitemap to help find things
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  • MongoDB Connected System

    This plug-in implements an Appian Connected System for the MongoDB document-oriented NoSQL database.
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  • Appian's Robotic Workforce Management Solution

    The solution empowers BP customers to overcome RPA implementation challenges and drive greater end-to-end automation
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