Appian Senior Developer Certification Exam Help

Hi! I took the senior developer exam yesterday after having studied:

Appian Automation (Senior Developers)

Appian Portals (Senior Developers)

Testing and Quality Assurance (Senior Developers)

Advanced Process Modeling (Senior Developers)

Integrations (Senior Developers)

Advanced Expressions (Senior Developers)

Delivery Methodology (Senior Developers)

Appian Advanced UX Design (Senior Developers)

And having 4 years working experience.

I noticed many questions that were not in this material, such as Platform Maintenance and Performance questions. I want to try again but I don't know what to study. I would really appreciate your help!

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  • Hi Anastasia, you would need to study according to the topics they have mentioned for the certification. If you don't find exact video tutorials in the academy then go through Appian documentation, And i would also suggest to check community discussions regularly to see what kind of discussions are going on. I hope it helps and best of luck for future attempt.

  • What is passing % for senior developer exam. As per latest info it will have 40 question and 60 min.

  • Go to Appian Academy and focus up on the Appian Administrator learning pathway.

    You probably encountered a question or two like it and already know, but if not, you likely will in future.  Learn all you can about DB and DB performance tuning, especially indexes and how to read an explain plan.

    After courses and training material, the Appian Playbook is your best resource.

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