For the Designer

In this course you will learn the mechanics and best tools to design intuitive applications.

You have two class options: Course or Course + Project.

Option 1 (5-day) Trains designers on the fundamentals of Appian application design by providing practical experience with designing objects, processes, data management, and deployment methods

Option 2 (10-day) Trains Appian designers on the best practices of solution development, object design, user experience, and application deployment through a combination of lecture and coached exercises

Topics in the 5-Day Course

  • Tempo & Sites
  • News Posts
  • Community
  • Quick Apps
  • Intro to Designer
  • Application Planning
  • Basic Process Modeling
  • Groups
  • Security
  • Folders
  • CDT Creation
  • Constants
  • Expression Rules
  • Interface Design
  • Process Model
  • Process Properties
  • Process Management
  • Debugging
  • User Input Tasks
  • Writing to Datastore Entities
  • Query Rules
  • Entity-Backed Records
  • Gateways
  • SAIL
  • Local Variables
  • Sub Process
  • Exceptions/Escalations
  • a!queryEntity()
  • Basic Reports
  • Sites
  • App Deployment
  • Administration Console
  • UX Design Best Practices

Topics in the 10-Day Course

  • Everything Covered in 5 Day Designer
  • Process-Backed Records
  • Advanced Interface Design
  • Task Reports
  • Editable Grids
  • Complex/Dynamic Reports
  • Integrations
  • Application Design Practicum (as both skills practice and separate project to be evaluated at end of course)

Course Duration
5/10 Days

Appian Overview

Next Steps
Designer Credential

Recommended Attendees

Academy Online - Supporting Courseware

Introduction to Applications

Users and Groups

Rules and Constants

Process Modeling





Advanced Expressions and SAIL