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How to modify existing ports on your on-premise Appian installation


Starting from Appian 17.3, Appian has default ports configured to your setup based on the port usage documentation link: Port Usage


Follow the steps provided below to modify default ports on your on-premise Appian installation:

Current Default Configuration:

Component Default Port
Service Manager 7070
Zookeeper 2181,2888,3888
Kafka 9092
Search Server 9300
Data Server 5400-5405

All the default ports for the components mentioned above can be modified. Apart from the Service Manager port, the remaining component ports can be modified from the appian-topology.xml file.

  • Service Manager - Service Manager port (instead of 7070): This port can be modified by specifying the following in the file.

serviceManager.topology.adminPort=<specify a port to use>

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian running 17.3 or later.

Last Reviewed: August 2018