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How to modify existing ports on your on-premise Appian installation


Starting from Appian 17.3, Appian has default ports configured to your setup based on the Port Usage documentation. These default ports can be modified on an on-premise Appian installation.


Follow the steps provided below to modify default ports on your on-premise Appian installation:

Default Configuration

Component Default Port
Service Manager 7070
Zookeeper 2181, 2888, 3888
Kafka 9092
Search Server 9300
Data Server 5400-5405

All the default ports for the components mentioned above apart from the Service Manager port can be modified from the appian-topology.xml file.

<topology port="5000">
<search-cluster port="9301"> <!-- New Search Server Port: 9301 -->
<broker host="localhost" port="9095"/> <!-- New Kafka Port: 9095 -->
<zookeeper host="localhost" port="2080"/> <!-- New Zookeeper Port: 2080 -->
<data-server host="localhost" port="5600" rts-count="1"/> <!-- New Data Server Port: 5600 -->

Service Manager - The default port can be modified by specifying the following property in the file.


Once you have modified the default ports, please restart your on-premise Appian environment for the changes to take effect.


  1. Please make sure that none of the new ports are the default ports of other components.
  2. Data Server port configuration is only available from Appian running 18.1 or later.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian running 17.3 or later.

Last Reviewed: September 2018