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DRAFT KB-XXXX Wrong process started by subprocess


Some subprocess nodes are starting different processes than what they are supposed to launch.

rollback.L files are observed in logs directory.

Error of the following type is observed in the db_PX* logs:

".a.p.PROCESS.i.tuning ERROR EXITING .a.p.PROCESS.i.cleanup_process_model_timer (0.01900898 seconds): exception 'FLI: Invalid Handle', so will use safe mode next time. Suspicious ids:


This issue has been addressed via AN-107056, AN-107053 in the following Appian hotfixes/versions:

Appian 17.2 Hotfix Package L

Appian 17.3 Hotfix Package I

Appian 17.4 Hotfix Package H

Appian 18.1 Hotfix Package D

Appian 18.2 Hotfix Package A


Apply the latest hotfix to your Appian installation or upgrade to the latest version of Appian. 

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian 17.2,17.3,17.4,18.1 and 18.2.

Last Reviewed: November 2018